STEAM major gtfo update: rundown 003 / the vessel is now availableǃ

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STEAM major gtfo update: rundown 003 / the vessel is now availableǃ

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The update adds a new environment called Lab, an all-new horrifying enemy, new weapons, 7 expeditions, and more story!Get ready, Prisoners! Rundown 003 / The Vessel is NOW AVAILABLE!

As usual with GTFO Rundowns, it's adding a lot of new content: a new environment, called Lab, an all-new horrifying enemy (with the sounds coming out if it actually recorded by one of the developer's younger family members!), seven new expeditions, a bunch of new weapons, and more story. We know you've been wanting to discover the mysteries of the Complex underground, and you will now be able to find more clues to this.

To celebrate the update, GTFO is also 20% off on Steam - so if you have any friends that still haven't joined you down in the Complex, now is a great time!

If you want to get a tease of the new environment and the all-new enemy, don't miss the trailer below.

Rundown 003 Trailer


Rundown 003 / The Vessel

New Features:
Added 7 new expeditions
New subcomplex: Lab
New enemy variations
New gear & consumables
New surprises in-game that will most likely kill you

Bug Fixes:
Map now auto-centers on Player (you can disable this in settings)
Fixed ability to duplicate items (e.g. Power Cell)
Carry items (Power Cell, FRT, Cargo..) is removed from the terminal system once they are picked up
Fix for chat log not being reset between games
Fixed various spelling errors
Various fixes for safe spots & exploits in levels
Fix for friendly fire crosshair getting stuck
Added a delay to the REACTOR_VERIFY fail sequence
The REACTOR_STARTUP command will not restart the whole reactor sequence once it is started
Fix for Settings file resetting when updating
Added Friend ID code on Settings page (Press ESC when in level to see it)

Weapon Tweaks & Consumables:

Removed "Rundown specific weapons" for Rundown 2:
Burst Rifle
Machine Pistol
Machine Gun

Added "Rundown specific weapons" for Rundown 3:
Bullpup Rifle
Burst Cannon
HEL Rifle

Increased damage
Reduced effective range (Damage is still buffed for combat ranges under 20 m)
Faster and more balanced recoil
Faster reload

Reduced ammo capacity
Reduced magazine size

Increased damage
Reduced fire rate
Increased ammo capacity
Increased magazine size

Combat Shotgun:
Increased damage
Increased magazine size

Assault Rifle:
Increased Ammo capacity

Increased ammo capacity


Greatly increased damage
Reduced ammo capacity

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