STEAM new killing floor 2 updateǃ

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STEAM new killing floor 2 updateǃ

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You Are The Life Of The Party
Welcome piggies! It is I, Hans Volter, genius, inventor, dance commander, inviting you to the Halloween housewarming party for my newly reclaimed ancestral castle in Transylvania! It will be, how the kids say, sick! I’ve got all manner of beasts, monsters, and madmen on the invite list, but having some mercs for dinner would make it the perfect little soiree.

Do not worry, Monster Ball is far more than just some dark and dank old castle. I have upgraded it with strobe lights, flamethrower traps, black lights, dance floors, swinging axes, a killer stereo system, spiked pits, and gothic decor throughout.

I’m sure you won’t survive long, but while you are alive, there are a new selection of achievements for Monster Ball as well. Nothing like feeling useful as you are cooked alive by my flamethrowers.

Along with my new home I’ve created a whole new collection of Zeds to serve me. I really played into the whole classic monster thing, but owning this castle comes with the title of Count, so I think it’s on point. Wereslashers, fishpounds, and blob bloats are just dying to kill you.

Bring A Friend
But what would a party be without presents! We’ve got the latest in HM-Tech medical weaponry with the HM-501 Grenade Rifle, an assault rifle with attached medic grenade launcher that is sure to bring all the mercs to the yard. There’s also the FN FAL ACOG assault rifle! You got Sharpshooter in my Commando! Or did you get Commando in my Sharpshooter! Who cares? It is good for killing!

For those of you wiley enough to complete the new objectives for my Monster Ball, I may give you one of the MKBs from the castle armory. Now you can be the old man… or woman, I don’t judge, with the old gun.

Hans' Weapon
If you’re feeling plucky, with this update you can advance to Prestige 2, earning more Vault Dosh and prestige weapon skins! But I know you’re not that tough, little piggies. Play it safe, then die horribly for me.

Time Is Of The Essence

We’ve got all manner of limited time cosmetics as party favors, assuming you ever leave! What sort of party would it be without favors and games? I may be a monstrous killing machine who murders the innocent and makes horrible monsters, but I am not a bad host.

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